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This week I introduced a series that I will be running in the next couple of weeks titled “Walking in the light of God’s word” covering what it means to let God order your steps (Introduction to series). Today, I am glad to share with you within the series blog post 1 – Order my steps, Lord. We will be looking at what it mean to let God order your steps.

Order my steps in thy word: and let not any iniquity have dominion over me. (Psalm 119:133)

Ever wondered who God is in our daily walk and how He comes into our lives?

Our Prayer

Our prayers always end with us, asking God to order our steps for the day. What does it mean when we ask God to order our steps in prayer? There are countless times when we seek the face of God and ask Him to order our steps. As we permit God to order our steps, are we ready to accept whatever path that He puts us on?

The critical question is, are we ready to accept His path and willingly accept His help to navigate it? You see, sometimes, we ask for things that we are not ready to handle when we receive them. The path of the Lord is unquestionable. You cannot question His path when He places you on it. Are you ready for His path? The unquestionable path that God places us on.

We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps. (Proverbs 16:9)


We pray for guidance, but cannot accept the guidance given to us. We cry for God’s love, but we cannot be loved because we hate love. We would rather be dead than to love. And our reason for not loving is not because we do not have love in us.

We have love in us, but that love has been covered with hatred, so we cannot love. We attest to the notion of love but would rather die than to love from our actions. These are the citizens of this world. Love is an enemy to us. We cannot love, in the same way as we cannot worship God in our hearts.
We have replaced God in our hearts with evil, so we are incapable of loving anyone.

In order to worship God in our hearts, we need to have love in our hearts. You cannot love God without love in your heart. So, how do you worship God without love? For God is love.

We share the word of God, but we do not touch the word of God. Can you find yourself loving God and all His creations? No, because we do not have love in us to love beyond ourselves. We do not have the capacity to love beyond ourselves.
We are self-centred. So, how then do you share the love of God with someone when your heart is full of hatred? That is what the Word of God is telling us—loving each other in the presence of His word.

God’s Word

How do you walk in the presence of God’s word and not love each other? How does God’s word become a lamp for your feet and a light on your path? His word is love and love resides in Him. How does He direct your steps when you do not have love in you? These steps are ordered with love. Without God’s love in you, how do you walk in the light?

The light of the Lord is love. You’ve got to have love in you to see the light. So, how do you walk in His light without His love?
How do you walk in the path of Christ without His love?

Without The Word Of God In Our Hearts, We Cannot Walk The Path He Has Chosen For Us.

It seems we cannot walk on our own. Ordering our steps is a big deal when it comes to relations. So, what are we asking of God, when we allow Him to order our step every day? We give Him total control over our lives in everything we do. We say to Him: take total control of our will. We chance our lives in His hands. We give Him our will; therefore, He controls our will.

As God orders our steps, He places us on His path of righteousness so we may follow. It may not look like the path we would choose, but as you have given Him your will to order, so shall it be, on His path.

Now that we’ve finished talking about “Order my steps, Lord”, come back Saturday, and I’ll share with you “what it means to walk in the path of God’s Word”. (See Psalm 119:105)

Let the Word of God be a lamp to your feet!

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Eunice Forson

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