The Christmas Message!

For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given; And the government will be upon His shoulder. – Isaiah 9:6

This message is an excerpt from my recently published book titled “By His Stripes: The healing of the Church.” The message came to me whilst I was writing a Christmas piece about the purpose of celebrating the birth of Jesus.  

What is the significance of this celebration?  

This led me to write the message below. 

The Message of Christmas! 

It is Christmas again and all Christian churches are celebrating the birth of the Word of God, Jesus Christ. Christmas nativity plays are being held in churches recounting the story of the birth of Jesus. What is this story of the birth of Jesus teaching us? There is always a message learned from a story. What kind of message is it teaching us?

And, what are we really celebrating; his birth or his destruction? Because I do not know where the Christian church stands now with regards to the Word of God that we celebrate every Christmas. We are surely adding our thoughts to His Word. The bible says in Revelation 22: 19 and Deuteronomy 4: 2 not to add anything to or remove from His Word. We should reflect on God’s word and see where we are as a church with regards to the truth of His Word. 

I am saying this because the church seems to obey the word of the world more than it does with the Word of God. This is what the Book of Genesis says about how beautiful the tree was when the woman saw it and how good its fruit would be if eaten and thought how wonderful it would be to be wise. Just at the sight of the tree, our thoughts changed. We seem to be moving away from the Word of God.

Disobedience is the worst sin in his eyes. If it isn’t, He wouldn’t have sent Adam and Eve out of the garden of Eden because of their disobedience. Why will you send your child out of your home if what the child did was just minor. We are exhibiting exactly what happened in the garden in our churches. The truth of the word of God is disappearing in our churches. The truth is not been said.  

The church has been doubting itself from the time of old till now about the truth of God’s word. We have been doubting the word that God has given with our thoughts and we have brought into the church our thoughts. Now we doubt God more than anyone else, why? This is all in the name of pleasing ourselves and justifying our actions against the Word of God. We have brought doubt into the church.  

How Did We Get Here? 

“…Now the snake was the most cunning animal that the Lord God had made. The snake asked the woman, “Did God really tell you not to eat fruit from any tree in the garden?” (Genesis 3:1) 

The serpent planted the seed of doubt in Eve’s mind. 

“…did God really tell you not to…” 

The word of the serpent put man in a place of doubting the authenticity of God’s Word. It makes you doubt the word you have received [cognitive process, thinking]. It makes us doubt ourselves of the principles that God has given us to live by. It is an ongoing thing that is happening every single day in our lives; comparing the word of God with the situations in our lives. This story of doubt was not only confined to the garden of Eden, but it reflects in our daily lives with what the Word of God says and what we think of the word – the principles of our living. We are in constant doubt with ourselves because of our nature. We are constantly comparing our thoughts with the Word of God. We are always comparing what God has said with what we have heard with our ears; trying to make an excuse for our thinking.  

The church is found adding its thoughts to the word of God. It is difficult living in the modern church system as everything has to have a meaning relating to the world and not the word of God. We are changing the principles of the church, so what are we celebrating today, the birth of the Word of God, Jesus or the extension of His Word? 

We are living by His Word, aren’t we? 

The purpose of celebrating the Word of God, Jesus Christ is to show how we reverence His word, but do we? 

Are we as Christians, giving a meaning to Christmas? 

The Word of God has been birthed to us to obey and live our lives by, but are we listening to and obeying His Word. Jesus has been birth to us for a purpose.  We have to have faith in His Word. 

How Do You Classify What is Good and What is Bad? 

That is all up to God, because He knows His Word and knows the world. He created the world and all that is in it and has the authority over it. Checking who is wrong and who is right is up to God but weighing your sin is up to the son of God. It is by His measure that we live since God created the world based on His Word. God created the world but made you in charge of your decision making. We are to make choices base on His word, and adding your thoughts to God’s word removes that authority He has on it.

You have given your mind that authority to rule over you. And that is where the church is heading, with decisions being made by our intellect and not the wisdom of God. We add to and take away anything that does not suit us to make things right with our soul. But the word of the LORD is not to be tempered with. It shall forever stay the same as our God is unchangeable (Matthew 5: 18). So is His Word. 

Think about your actions in the church and check where you are with the Word of God. The times are changing and divination is in the air. 

As the church is celebrating Jesus Christ, let us reflect on the Word of God given to us in the garden of Eden (Genesis 3: 2 – 3).” 

Reflect on the Word of God this Christmas!

It is a season of love. Reach out to the needy!

Written by

Eunice Forson

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