Can we survive a bitterly divided church?

How do you bring unity to a divided world?

Why is a nation divided?

Help wanted UNIFER!

For centuries now, the world has been divided. Differences in religion, politics, and cultures have driven a wedge between the children of God. But God has a plan to bring this divided flock together in the name of Jesus Christ.  And the meaning of his words is revealed by his instructions to Moses in Exodus 25:31-40 – to hammer pure gold into the Lampstand. 

Now ordained lay minister and blogger Eunice Forson sheds light on God’s plan to bring people into a state of togetherness in the church. Through a combination of history, scripture, and fascinating essays, she invites readers to join her calling, and inspires others through the wisdom that was imparted upon her through her spiritual journey. 

After reading this book, you will: 

  • Adopt a self-discipline approach in the church, and an understanding of the faith-ridden disciple of Jesus Christ. 
  • Understand the troubles of today’s church and how to overcome these challenges 
  • Discover the concept of oneness in the church.  
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of how God plans in bringing the Church out of its depressed state through grafting. 

Over a decade ago, Eunice Forson welcomed Jesus into her life on her way to peace, purpose, and healing. Now she invites readers to join her, and discover the significance of the LORD’s Lampstand, along with its role in bringing the churches together as one, as God planned in the beginning of Genesis. This heartwarming and inspirational book will touch readers of all ages. 

Product information

Paperback | 242 pages

ISBN | 978-1916091320

Publisher | The Seed Publications (December 2020)