A whole lot of things cropping up in our lives are causing division among the church. Individual Differences, Pride, Position, Biased Selection, Self Centeredness, Hatred, just to mention a few, are some of the reasons why the church is falling apart. For this reason, God’s intended purpose for the church to come together or become one is being defeated. 

The Oneness (Discipline in the Church), an inspirational and thought provoking book, authored by Eunice Forson tends to throw more light on God’s creation of mankind and the universe as whole, the History of the Seven Churches in God’s word and the persona of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

This book also gives insight of what the church needs to know about the Oneness of the church in Christ (being one in Christ), its essence and to overcome the divisional problems swallowing the church. 

This is a Must Read book of which Eunice Forson is calling on all and sundry to pick a word, a sentence, a paragraph and possibly a chapter from her book for the application in their lives and also for the fulfilment of God’s purpose of unity among us