God’s representation of Oneness

Then have them make a sanctuary for me, and I will dwell among them. Make this tabernacle and all its furnishings exactly like the pattern I will show you.” – Exodus 25:8-9  

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Make A Sanctuary For Me…  

After coming out of Egyptian slavery, God, through Moses, instructed the Israelites to pitch Him a sanctuary in the wilderness where He will meet them. “Have them make a sanctuary for me”—that was the duty of the Church to make Him a sanctuary in their wilderness. Wilderness is their place of disfavour, barrenness, and an unrecognizable place. In their wilderness, God provided them with manna, a nutrient that nourished them and kept them going. He gave them food in the form of manna in their state of unproductivity or barrenness. And every time the people of Israel set up a camp, Moses set up “this sanctuary for God” some distance from the camp. God defined how He wants His sanctuary. He gave Moses the specifications and had to make it according to the instructions.  

God instructed the Israelites to make Him a sanctuary in their wilderness. These are the people He has led out of slavery in Egypt. Before settling them in the Promised Land, God instructed them to build Him a tabernacle—a meeting place. Before bringing them into Canaan, He asked them for a sacrifice. Sacrifice yourself for me and make me a tabernacle, where I will meet with you. 

How is the Church building this sanctuary?  

God’s sanctuary came with its specifications.  

 The Israelites had done all the work just as the Lord had commanded Moses. Moses inspected the work and saw that they had done it just as the Lord had commanded. So Moses blessed them. (Exodus 39:42-43).  

The Church

The lampstand is one of the furniture in the tabernacle (means: tent, place of dwelling, or sanctuary)—a sanctuary pitched in the wilderness. The Church defines the structure of the Lampstand. The Church tells us the reason behind its construction (Exodus) and existence. It constitutes the reason God is among His people and why His people are with Him.

The Church is deviating from its traditional principles and taking up principles that do not coincide with the Church. Exodus 25:8-9 gives the exact pattern which His sanctuary building should follow. There are Church principles, and these principles are dying. In as much as we try to keep the Church alive, it is walking away from its principles. The menorah stands for the hardship, sacrifice, and bonding that the Church will have to go through before achieving its principles right. The Church is the soul of God, and in His soul is the Church. You cannot distinguish one from the other. The Church is within Christ, and Christ is within the Church. You cannot tear them apart. The Church has to be together to pass the Father’s will of togetherness; His reason for telling us to leave the weeds to grow along with the grass, as harvest time will be their judgment day. You cannot pluck them out before the harvest time, as the weeds have to be allowed to change. At the moment, there are divisions in the Church. 

Although, the whip tore the body of Jesus Christ apart for our sake, the Church cannot be torn apart. It has to stay together to bring about the perfect end. Look at the construction of the Lampstand; it was beaten together to form unison with each piece. It was not beaten into separate pieces then put together. They were engineered together as one unit. In as much as we want the Church to be the perfect place of restoration, we cannot do that without the light of God. We need to do it together, and that requires the light of God to bring us out and restore us. Jesus Christ is the light of this world. The base and shaft of the lampstand were hammered out first before the six branches. The sufferings of Christ are an indication of what the Church will go through to bring perfection to the Church. The sufferings of the Church tell its future; the churches within the Church are to share in His sufferings.   

The Lampstand

Make a lampstand of pure gold. Make its base and its shaft of hammered gold; its decorative flowers, including buds and petals, are to form one piece with it. Six branches shall extend from its sides, three from each side (Exodus 25:31-32).  

This verse is talking about that piece of construction where the pure gold was hammered out first to form the base and the shaft of the lampstand, then went on to construct the six branches extending from the hammered shaft. So, although we are in Christ, our sufferings are with Christ. We live in Him and Him in us. The Church can never do without Christ because, in Him we live. We are bound together in Christ as one. We cannot live or survive without Christ. He is our foundation and life. Christ was bonded together with the Church. Just as the Church shares in His sufferings, so do we share in His righteousness. You cannot separate Christ from the Church.  

The menorah stands for the churches in the Church. Do not bring division in the Church as that is not God’s mission. His mission is to unite the Church as one in His name; therefore, the representation of the Church with the menorah—God oneness in us.     

Thus, this is the mystery behind the presence of the menorah as part of the furniture in the holy place. It binds the churches together as one. It weaves the churches together as one. Therefore, it shows the representation of the Church with the menorah. It is to bring light to the Church and enlighten it of who God is from the beginning and how He will bring them out of their situation. God created a way for the Church, and that way is through the sufferings of His only begotten Son. It is only through His sufferings that the Church will be saved. Christ suffered the way He did for the Church to share in His pain. It is a symbol of what the Church has to go through to achieve its salvation. Therefore, it should be known that the principles of the Church lie within the Church.  

The Reason Behind the Construction of God’s temple  

It is to bring love among His people, i.e., the entire region of the land. That is His main reason—to love us as we should be and dedicate Christ to us on earth. That is His entire reason for coming to us on earth; to show His love to us. Christ suffered for the Church, so will the Church for the love of Christ. The six branches extending from Christ.  

The Dedication of the Church to Christ  

This is what Mary went through with the world when she was pregnant with the Word. She dedicated herself to the word of God and brought out of herself Jesus, the king of the Jews.  

Salvation is the word needed for the Church at this moment. 


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