Walking in the light of God’s Word

In Part two of the series of articles on “Walking in the light of God’s word” we take a look at how to let God’s word guide us in our walk with Him. Last Saturday, we talked about “Order My Steps, Lord” covering what it means to let God order your steps.

So, what does it mean to walk in the path of God’s Word?

Your Word, Father, is a lamp for my feet—a light on my path. The Word of the LORD is a lamp and a light to us. When does it become a lamp or a light to us? A lamp produces light, and this light leads us in our path. It gives us visibility. The light shines in our path for us to follow. So, we follow the path of the light. Wherever the lamp throws its light, we follow. Therefore, if it does not throw its light on a path that we are taking, we must not take it. The faith of the Lord is great that He shows us the path that we have to take. He throws His light on that path; therefore, any path that He has not thrown His light on is darkened and not the right path.

The Light

Jesus Christ is a light to our path. We therefore need the word of God for direction and movement. He leads us in our path and guides us through it. The resurrection of God’s word is within us, and it is up to us to get it to lead and guide us in our path or walk with God. The word of God is within our reach; we just have to hold on to our belief in Him and trust Him on His word, and it shall be well with us.

The word of God lives within us and shines through us; therefore, our covenant with Him is established. We do not need any external establishment or clarification. We are the sons of God, and as such, our covenant with Him is established in Jesus’ name. The name of the Lord Jesus Christ is within us, so why fear the pestilence that hunt in the darkness and the terror of night (see Ps. 91:1-16)?

We do not move in any direction without His lamp and light. This is what His word is teaching us—to walk in the light of His Word. The Word of God is Jesus Christ; He is the resurrection and the life (see John 11:25). We pray and proclaim the Scripture of Psalm 119:105 every day, but do we know what it means to walk in the light of His Word?

To walk in the light of God’s Word means walking in the presence of His word.

His Word

God’s word goes before us and establishes His purpose. Before His Word goes ahead of you, it has to be established in you. So, we walk in the light of His word through His Son, Jesus Christ. The light of the Lord is His word, and it always goes before us. As God establishes us in His Kingdom, He brings this light before us. As we go about doing His work, this light goes before us, leading and establishing our paths. So, as we say, may the Lord order our steps, we are prophesying that the Lord takes control of our paths and destinies. We cannot roam about anyhow if we put God in charge of our steps. Our steps will have to be ordered by Him.

The nature of man in obeying God’s Will is impossible. Man is not capable of obeying God’s laws but can adhere to His principles. So, we see ourselves as not being able to observe His laws. We struggle to obey His rules. This is because our nature (flesh + soul) has made it so. We are not born to obey but to adhere to His principles. Therefore, this shows the reason our nature struggles to deal with the laws of God.

The Spirit of the Lord reminded me of a story in the news headlines. He then said every time He calls and sends us with His message, He places His light before us. This light illuminates our path. It prepares the heart of the receiver of His message and makes His word receptive. But if we go out there with our own word, that word goes without His light. God’s word never goes without His light. Beware of those who carry false messages! There are many out there. They do not carry His light on them, and their word is false, because they are not sent by Him. Look out for these messengers sent by the enemy. They are alike and will deceive you—treacherous times!


Thank you, Lord. Not all know that the word of God carries light with it and this light shines in darkened places. May your light lead us in our walk with you and bring us an understanding of who you are. Up till now, man does not know you and we yearn to know you better but your Word has been covered in linens of cloths that we cannot see. May your Word be made light to us and bring us the restoration that we need. The Word of the LORD is wrapped in linens.


The birth of Christ (Luke 2:7)

The burial of Christ (John 19:40)

The resurrection of Christ (Luke 24:12)

All in linens…

The way of the Lord is perfect. He makes all things beautiful in His time. This is the word of the Lord.

Written by

Eunice Forson

Now that we’ve finished talking about what it means to walk in the light of God’s Word, I’ll share with you in the next post “His goodness and mercy.”

Stay tuned for post #3 in our series on Saturday.

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